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The Deschutes River is the place to be if hard fighting summer steelhead are what you desire. This fishing destination will awe you with its ride up the river to what is probably the best steelhead fishing in the west. July through October is prime time to pursue these magnificent fish.

Partners of Deschutes River Guides, Grant Putnam and Pete Field, can make your trip to the Deschutes the adventure of a lifetime. The lower 100 miles of this wild and scenic river flows from Pelton Dam to its confluence with the Columbia River. We specialize in the lower 24 miles of the river, from Macks Canyon to the mouth. The ride up the Deschutes alone is worth the trip. The scenery and running class 4 rapids along with world classfishing makes it a trip of a lifetime.

The mouth of the Deschutes is usually where your trip begins. Access is limited on the water to either floating downstream in a driftboat or going upstream in a jet boat. Once up on this section of the river there is room to fish and enjoy this scenic section of the Deschutes River Canyon. The summer steelhead are typically willing to take your fly or lure aggressively and will provide spectacular battles.

Deschutes River Guides are experts at both fly fishing and gear fishing. We have the resources to accommodate trips from one to twelve people. Contact us and we can find a day for you to fish that meets your schedule. Call or Email Grant or Pete.